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Marc is a general purpose finite element program capable of solving structural and thermal problemsMarc input is graphically generated using the program Mentat.

Mentats were also usedto a lesser extent by the Bene GesseritThough unlike the Great Housesall Bene Gesserit Mentats were pre-conditioned Reverend Mothers.

The exact origin of the Mentat’s order is outlined in Frank Herbert’s ChapterhouseDune novel and it is attributed to Gilbertus AlbansIn the Legends of Dune novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin JAnderson Albans was trained by the thinking machineErasmus.

A Mentat was a profession or discipline that was developed as a replacement to the computers and thinking machines following the Butlerian Jihad that banned the creation of machines in the human mind’s imagejust as the Spacing Guild and the Bene Gesserit took up similar functions.

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v the provision of land for residential purposes to the poor or landless or to persons residing in areas affected by natural calamities, or to persons displaced or affected by reason of the implementation of any scheme undertaken by government, any local authority or a corporation owned or controlled by the state;.

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