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Talk to your doctor before taking metoprolol or any other drug for anxietyThere may be another medication that’s safer and better suited to manage your anxiety.

QI currently take metoprolol for blood pressure and have gained weightSince this drug slows the heart ratedoes this cause weight gain?

QI currently take metoprolol for blood pressure and have gained weightSince this drug slows the heart ratedoes this cause weight gain?

QI’m taking metoprolol for my heartThe lower chamber goes off balance and beats differently than the uppercausing me to be dizzyI am ALWAYS coldespecially my handsIs this from the medsI can’t stand such cold handsSometimes they even get numbI know I have Raynaud’s syndromeWhat can I do?

QDoes metoprolol cause weight gainI seem to be a lot more tired all the time is this related?

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