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We discussed the action of cytotec in previous paragraph.

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Information about Cytotec.

Prostaglandins such as Cytotec may augment the activity of oxytocic agentsespecially when given less than 4 hours prior to initiating oxytocin treatmentConcomitant use is not recommended.

The Cytotec package the patient receives from the pharmacist will include a leaflet containing patient informationThe patient should read the leaflet before taking Cytotec and each time the prescription is renewed because the leaflet may have been revised.


In these trials there were no significant differences between Cytotec and placebo in relief of day or night abdominal painNo effect of Cytotec in reducing the risk of duodenal ulcers was demonstratedbut relatively few duodenal lesions were seen.

Cytotec is available only as a unit-of-use package that includes a leaflet containing patient informationSee Patient Information at the end of this labeling.

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